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http://www.operationworld.org/This website, Operation World, is very valuable within every aspect of Evangelism. Here one will find the specific, and up-to-date, demographics for various regions, countries, states, cities, etc. when one finds the need to search these areas concerning evangelism.





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Area: 134,940,000 sq km

Antarctica, with 14 million sq km, is not included.

Population: 6,908,000,000    Annual Growth: 1.20%

Urbanites: 51%


  Languages: 6,909



Largest Religion: Christian

Religion                 Pop % Ann Gr
Christians 2,229,951,315 32.29 1.2
Evangelicals 545,886,818 7.9 2.6

Answer to Prayer

The gospel took root within hundreds of the world’s least reached peoples. In many cases, peoples with no known believers ten or twenty years ago now have churches within them, some of them thriving, growing churches now involved themselves in the Great Commission! The 1990s saw the most concerted attempt to analyze the need of the world – a process in which Operation World itself played a part. And 1995 saw the beginning of the Joshua Project List (JPL), originally a list of 1,583 of the world’s least reached peoples. While this is expanded to now include all peoples in the world (16,350), the original list served as a catalyst for the Church to pray for, adopt and engage with every one of these least reached peoples. It also inspired national-level research in many countries where the 1,583 were found; this missiological and people group research by Majority World Christians has been a major step toward completion of the Great Commission. Much pioneering work remains, but praise God for miraculous opening of doors and receptivity to the gospel in new places – some once considered all but impossible to reach.

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Free Prayer-Enhancing Resources
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Special thanks to Jericho Walls International Prayer Network and InterVarsity Press for these articles and free e-books.
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