Forever And Ever

We humans have our own sense of time. If we see someone who has lived 100 years, we may be amazed at that person's longevity. But, with all due respect to those who have managed to do it, is a century really such a long time?

StarsWhat if we were able to live to 200 years? Or 1,000 years? What if we could live 10,000 years? Most of us find such vast expanses of time difficult to grasp.

Going even farther, what if we could live forever? Imagine being able to live without fear of illness, or injury, or just wearing out with age, FOREVER! Imagine always being strong and healthy, full of enthusiasm and energy, always with plenty of good things to do, with plenty of time to do them. Imagine living forever in perfect peace and happiness, free of all the effects of a world submerged in sin that has caused humanity so much grief and suffering for so long.

The whole point of the gospel is that you can!

As Christians, we all stand on the verge of eternal life. The cold dark night of sinful human experience can be replaced by a warm, bright dawn of glorious eternal life.

We have a decision to make however, each of us for ourselves, whether or not to accept the astonishing offer that has been presented to us by the God who has the power to make it happen.

Have you made your choice yet?

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