"Mom's Scriptures"
"Sowing the Word of God, so all might be saved."
"Mom's Scriptures" is a ministry whose beginning was fostered by scriptures which are written on a 'Menu' chalkboard in the kitchen of my mom, Mother Teola.

Each week, or so, a new biblical scripture is written by her. So, as God would have it, one morning during our daily morning conversation at the kitchen table, I asked Mom, "if she thought it would be a good idea, for her children to write a sermon based on the weekly scripture she always wrote on the kitchen chalkboard?" With some ,reservations about the title of, "Mom's Sermons," she chose, "Mom's Scriptures" as the title.

Mother Smith's rationale for choosing the title was based on many aspects; however, the main consideration for the title, "Mom's Scripture's" had to do with the avoidance of one's probable, false perception, that she was writing the particular scripture each week. So, to avoid any misconceptions, the title, "Mom's Scripture's," was chosen.

If any preacher, of the Gospel and of the Word of God, is interested in having a video or written sermon uploaded to this page, please submit either, or both to:

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